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egg donation in India

With the largest support team in India, strong advocates of women’s rights, led by a Dr Sudhir Ajja and Dr Yashodhara we have ensured every single step is smooth and monitored. The team comprising of mostly young girls from health fields, are highly qualified and deeply committed. From providing access to educational resources like the medical process, outcomes, possible complications, ensuring complete anonymity under strict legal guidance  EDI hand holds at all steps of care management to gain only positive outcome for all parties involved. 

Becoming an egg donor may feel complex and overwhelming. It is our job to guide you through the process, alleviate your concerns, and make this experience truly DIVA. We’re confident that you’ll uncover proof of this as you continue your research on the process and other agencies. Our compassionate team of professionals have collectively spent more than 30 years in the field of fertility. You do not need to visit multiple egg donor centers and establish relationships each time you donate. Instead, you can look forward to becoming a very valuable member of our family and experience the same smiling faces at each and every appointment.

If you can refer us to any other agency / doctor / clinic who offers deeper personal and professional experience than us, we will compensate you twice what is assured.

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