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Step 1: Application

Apply by filling this form. It gives us a brief about you, and helps our doctors determine your eligibility for donation. To qualify as an egg donor, you must be 21-33 years old, in good physical and psychological health, have a height and weight within normal limits, and not use drugs.

Step 2: Counselling

It is very important that you fully understand the short and long-term implications of donating eggs, medically, legally and otherwise. You should get aware in regards to your fertility, your treatment and the future. Thus we mandate that, as an egg donor, you have the chance to talk to someone who is unbiased, and able to guide and counsel you.

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Step 3: Medical Screening

Prospective donors will undergo a fertility evaluation to verify that your ovaries are capable of producing eggs and your general health to undergo the egg retrieval procedure. This consists of extensive physical exams, few blood tests, and ultrasound scans.

Step 4: Matching process

A couple needing donor eggs, views prescreened pool of egg donors online, and select a candidate from the pool. We ensure donor’s identity is not disclosed. A tentative match is made when a recipient decides to move forward with a specific donor. Some donors may match quickly after they apply; others may take weeks to months.

donor's identity not disclosed
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Step 5: Cycle preparation and retrieval

You will be started on medications (injections) daily under observation. Blood tests, scans will be performed to ensure ovaries are responding well. After about 12 days, the developed eggs will be retrieved under anesthesia. You will be checked for next few days to ensure good recovery.

Step 6: Rewards

The fee paid to you as an egg donor is for the time, effort and inconvenience you will incur during the cycle. Our greatest hope is that in doing something life altering for another person – the intended parent – the compensation should open a door of possibilities for you. Probably to continue education, travel abroad, or assist with the purchase of a first home.

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