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You know you’re making a real difference for an infertile couple. You understand that your participation impacts not only the prospective parents, but society as a whole. Simply put, becoming an egg donor is a serious decision and that may provide long-lasting happiness for others.

Financial advantages

You get financially rewarded upto Rs. 100,000 or more per donation for your time and inconvenience of going through the treatment. This way, our diva donor by helping others, creates a family, changes her own life.

Learn about your own Fertility

You will undergo medical, psychological screenings and then fertility screening in which your hormones and ovaries are examined. This ensures that you are the right fit for donation. But importantly this gives you an unique opportunity to learn about your own health and fertility prospects.

Referral Fees

Your act should not go unnoticed. Speak to your friends, let them know your kindness. Let your friends be like you, DIVA. While they donate, you earn upto Rs. 40,000, for referring them to Egg Donor India.

Paid expenses

All investigations, travel during egg donation, and any other expense by you for the egg donation process are paid by us. Travel only in cabs, flights (inter-cities) and stay in minimum 3 star hotels. If you are from another city, you have the chance to visit a different city or state along with a family member or friend.

"You were born with an ability to change someone’s life"

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