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Egg donation builds families. It helps those who are unable to become parents on their own.

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The couple makes the initial selection from the egg donor database, which gives an overview of all the available egg donors. More detailed information is available from the individual donor profiles that are provided to the couple when they narrow their selection. We ensure the donor’s real identity is always kept confidential.

1. Fertility Screening: A donor’s ovaries will be examined for the ability to produce eggs through a pelvic ultrasound, and blood tests. 
2. Medical Screening: This involves testing for blood type, infectious diseases, ovarian function and general health. 
3. Genetic Screening: Family history will be evaluated to raise awareness of possible hereditary diseases or genetic disorders. 
4. Psychological Screening: The donor will be asked to speak with a psychologist to make sure she fully understands the benefits and risks of egg donation, and has proper motivations for becoming a donor.

Emotional experiences vary throughout the process. The decision to donate should be well thought-out before you proceed with screening and matching. You are welcome to talk with the doctors or psychologists who conduct your screening about any specific concerns or questions. You may experience mood swingsdue to the medications; however after the donation, most of our egg donors enjoy the extreme pride and joy of having given such an incredible gift to another woman.

If you are using any oral contraceptive pill, you can take it till you start your treatment. The doctor will instruct you when to stop it. If you have copper T, then you will need to have this removed in the month or two before the procedure. For advice regarding your contraception please  visit our doctor or your gynaecologist.

You should avoid having unprotected sex during your treatment and we recommend using a condom as other methods are not advised during stimulation. Sex can be a little uncomfortable in the later stages of ovarian stimulation because the ovaries are swollen. You are advised to avoid sex for a few days after you have had your eggs removed, as you are likely to be a bit sore and there could be a risk of infection. Also the risk of conception is high due to the stimulation. 

Egg donation does not have any long-term effects on your fertility.

The couple receiving your eggs signs a consent form stating that they understand that the egg donation is anonymous and that it will not be possible for them or any children born as a result of this therapy to contact you in the future. During the selection process, the recipient couple will be given general information regarding your height, weight, complexion, ethnicity and family medical history but your photographs or personal details are not revealed. 

Most egg donors go through the process with no side effects; however, some may feel bloating, weight gain, pelvic discomfort or experience mood swings. All the symptoms subsidein 4-5 days of procedure.

The egg donation process from treatment start to retrieval takes approximately 15 days. The egg retrieval itself takes minutes. 

It is an ultrasound guided transvaginal procedure, done under general anaesthesia, where a thin needle is introduced into the ovarian follicles and fluid containing eggs is removed with gentle suction and examined in the IVF Lab.

The procedure itself lasts only 15 to 20 minutes. To ensure your safety and wellbeing, you will recover at our hospital two to four hours following the procedure. As it is a procedure under general anaesthesia, you will need a friend or family member to drive you home. It is strongly advised to stay at home for the day. You will probably be able to resume your normal activities the next day. 

You will be compensated appropriately for your time, inconvenience, travelling and of course the donation. For more details please read our rewards section 

Egg retrieval is always performed under ultrasound guidance. However, there is always a risk that a needle may puncture surrounding tissue or organs causing injury, bleeding and/or infection. We always cover you with antibiotics and suggest that you continue for 5 days to avoid any infection.
There is also a small risk (less than 5%) of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. During ovarian hyperstimulation, the ovaries become enlarged and fluid may collect in the abdominal cavity causing bloating; a weight gain of 5-10 pounds and severe pelvic pain may occur. Hospitalization may be required if ovarian hyperstimulation progresses to a severe state. We usually abort the cycle and stop stimulation if we perceive that you may undergo hyper-stimulation, thereby completely removing the chance of hyperstimulation.

We recommend modified bed rest at home for 24 hours after egg donation. 

You should anticipate a menstrual period within 10 days after you donate. Following the next menstrual cycle, your body should be back to normal. 

We allow up to 3-4 donations, each at least three months apart. 

We will taking care of all your flight and travel related expenses. 

"We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give"

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