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Egg donation is probably one of the biggest commitments you make being an Egg DIVA

Certain steps of your responsibilities includes

tests for egg donor

Particular set of tests, scans or screening need to be done on specific time period only. Making yourself available on these times is extremely important not to jeopardize the program.

WIlling to undergo psychological screening, as required.

consulting to donate egg
medicine to consume for egg donor

Taking all medications as instructed. Specific dose, time, route. Missing anything on any day can compromise the complete cycle or your health.

precation during egg donation

To abstain from intercourse or to use a non-hormonal form of contraception, such as condoms or a diaphragm, if intercourse takes place during the cycle.

To report any prescriptions or non-prescription drug use during the stimulation phase to the doctor.

medicine to consume for egg donor
refer friends to donate eggs

Willing to share program details with your husband, if married or a family relative or friend. They need to be present to sign documents as witness for the program.

egg donor cost in mumbai

To respect anonymity of the program. Relinquishing any claim to all oocytes (eggs) and/or offspring that may result from the use of your eggs.

To follow up with the doctor for a post-retrieval checkup to make sure that you are recovering normally.

tests for egg donor
check up for egg donors

To inform the doctor of any new symptom or sign that you may develop and importantly not to presume or assume.Avoid intake of alcohol while on stimulation and abstain from smoking

"A winning choice. Egg donation can open a world of possibilities"

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