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Two Types of Egg Donors

Routine Egg donor: Usually educated upto 10th grade

Diva egg donor: Educated above 12th grade, including graduates and postgraduates.

Detailed Profile​

Not just height weight, but her likings, hobbies, education, background, previous history, family history, etc will be shared with you.

Select your own donor

You select a donor from the database that we share with you. Its your choice from the database whom you feel most appropriate for selection.

Assured Donor

We give you a code for the donor selected by you. You get what you selected. You can seek details of the donor any time even after 5 years.

Option for frozen and fresh eggs

If the timings do not match, we also provide frozen eggs with no extra cost. Can ship the eggs to any clinic in India.

No sharing

Unlike others, we do not share our donor eggs. Which means, all eggs will be yours. This may help you have children with same genetic background

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